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Speech & Theatre Scholarships

Maud Drake-Bingham Scholarship

Maud Drake-Bingham was a Northwestern graduate and later a member of the Northwestern faculty. Initial funds for this scholarship were raised at the time of her retirement and then it was completely funded in 1991. This scholarship was established to provide financial assistance to an outstanding student in the division of fine arts. The recipient must also have a 3.0 CGPA.

Globe Theatre Award

The Donovan Reichenberger Theatre Scholarship, also known as the Globe Theatre Award, was established to aid an outstanding student in the Northwestern Theatre program. Reichenberger has been a 40-year supporter of Northwestern's scholarship program. A veteran of WWII and the Korean War, Reichenberger joined the Northwestern faculty in 1967. After a career in the U.S. Navy he earned his bachelor’s from Northwestern in 1966 and a master’s from Wichita State in 1967. In addition to teaching history courses, he served as chairman and member of various Northwestern faculty committees. Currently, Reichenberger is a trustee on the board of the Northwestern Foundation.

NWOSU Theatre Scholarship

Over the past 35 years, the Northwestern Oklahoma State University Foundation has been the recipient of a variety of memorial donations classified as restricted unspecified funds. Upon receiving permission by the donors or their surviving relatives, each of these memorial funds was combined and moved into an endowed scholarship.

Linda J. Stewart and Kimberly K. Weast Theatre Scholar Award

In 2010, an anonymous donor endowed the Theatre Scholar Award. The donor wished to honor Dr. Linda Stewart and Prof. Kimberly Weast for their combined 45 years of dedication to Northwestern Oklahoma State University. Stewart, a former professor of speech and head of the theatre program, dedicated 35 years to teaching at Northwestern. Weast currently serves as associate professor of theatre and as managing/technical director of Herod Hall Auditorium at Northwestern.

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