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Music Scholarships

Baxter Family Scholarship
George T. and Frankie Rogers Baxter graduated from Northwestern in 1925 and 1915 respectively. Both believed in the power of education, both formal and at home. While Frankie graduated with a degree in education, she took art classes at Northwestern and enjoyed the self-expression painting afforded. George graduated with a degree in chemistry; his love of the subject led to teaching his children, Hurshel and Pauline, who would also go on to major in chemistry. In even years, the Hurshel F. and George T. Baxter Scholarship will be awarded to a full-time Northwestern student majoring in Science or Math; while in odd years, the Frankie Rogers Baxter Scholarship will be awarded to a Fine Arts student.

Blackford-Funk Scholarship
Established in accordance with terms of the will of Gladys Blackford-Funk, a 1915 Northwestern graduate who died January 31, 1975, the Blackford-Funk Scholarship is awarded to a piano-music student or students. Mrs. Funk’s husband, William F. Funk, was a 1913 graduate of Northwestern, and other members of her family also attended the university.

Earl and Margie Brunkest Estate Music Scholarship
Established in July of 2015, the Earl and Margie Brunkest Estate Music Scholarship is intended to benefit students involved in musical pursuits at Northwestern. Earl and Margie were supporters of the musical arts and desired for the scholarship to benefit full-time music majors with at least a 2.5 GPA.

Doris Cooley Scholarship
Friends and family members established a scholarship to honor Doris L. Cooley after her death February 22, 1980. Mrs. Cooley was the wife of Rev. Raymond Cooley, who was serving as pastor of the First United Methodist Church in Alva at the time of her death. Mrs. Cooley had special interests in teaching, church activities, and music. The award bearing her name is reserved for an undergraduate who shows good educational intent and a real desire to learn. A music major is preferred.

Kenneth and Sue Fellers Family Scholarship in Music
This endowment was established in 2010 by Kenneth (’63) and Sue (Hildreth) Fellers (’64). The scholarship unites the couple's passions to provide financial assistance to a student from northwest Oklahoma pursuing a degree in music. Applicants must have at least a 3.0 GPA.

Charles Fisher Scholarship
This scholarship was established in 2010 in memory of Charles David Fisher by his parents, Jack and Joan Fisher, family and friends. Charles passed away in Crescent on May 7, 2010, at the age of 51. The scholarship will benefit students majoring in instrumental music, a lifelong passion of Charles. He grew up taking piano lessons and learning to play the family trombone. In high school, he started a rock band, and at Northwestern, he took up the drums, electronic keyboard, marimba and other percussion instruments before graduating with a degree in music education in 1982. Applicants must ne majoring in Instrumental Music or Music Education and have at least a 2.5 GPA.

Joan Talley Fisher Scholarship
Joan Talley Fisher developed an interest in music at a young age, as she took piano and clarinet lessons. She spent much of her life accompanying groups with her musical gift, including the Alva Boys Choir, Methodist Youth Choir and Methodist Men’s Quartet. She received her Masters of Education degree at Northwestern and resided in Alva for much of her life. The Joan Talley Fisher Scholarship was established by friends and family of Joan in honor of her love of music. The scholarship benefits majors in instrumental or vocal music at Northwestern who have at least a 2.5 GPA.

Electa Lee Frieden Scholarship
This scholarship was established in 1988 by the family of Electa Lee Frieden. Because of her support of the Foundation and her interest in music, this recipient is awarded this scholarship by making a worthy contribution to the NWOSU Fine Arts department. Electa Lee Frieden was the late wife of Mr. Dale Frieden, one of the first Foundation trustees and past chairman of the board of trustees. The recipient must be a student majoring in fine arts, with first preference given to music.

Ruth Marie Genuit Scholarship
In tribute to her service as a member of the music faculty from 1942 until her retirement in May, 1971, a permanent scholarship fund was set up by students, colleagues and other friends of Ruth Marie Genuit. A major in the area of vocal music is the main criteria for the Genuit Scholarship. An audition is required. Other considerations are potential value to the vocal performing organizations on campus, academic achievement, and dependability.

Fred Neuman Scholarship
The Alva Boys’ Choir, a volunteer vocal group for young male singers, has been conducted by Fred Neuman, Alva music store operator, for 36 years. The organization is recognized both within the city and well beyond for the wholesome experiences it provides for its members and for its positive representation of the community. Parents of members and former singers with the group established a scholarship fund to honor Neuman. The fund has grown through subsequent contributions and interest. The award is intended for a music major from Alva High School who has at least a 2.5 GPA.

Donovan and Dorothy Reichenberger Vocal Scholar Award
The Donovan and Dorothy Reichenberger Vocal Scholar Award was established in 2000 to honor an outstanding member of the Northwestern vocal music department. The Reichenbergers have supported the scholarship program at Northwestern since 1968, as Mr. Reichenberger was a member of the Northwestern faculty from 1967 to 1992. In 1992, they established a scholarship that is presented to deserving history majors and minors and in 1996, the couple created an endowed chair through the provisions of a charitable remainder trust. What followed is a Vocal Scholar Award, given to an incoming freshman without at least a 2.5 GPA and score of 19 on ACT.

Dorothy Reichenberger Memorial Scholarship
The Dorothy Reichenberger Memorial Scholarship was established to aid an outstanding student in the Northwestern music department. Dorothy (Teutschmann) Reichenberger was born and raised in Long Beach, California. Being a woman of strong work ethics, she was once employed in the shipyards as a welder during World War II and later operated a punch press for Johnson Controls. Dorothy married Donovan Reichenberger in Las Vegas, Nevada in 1958. They lived in various locations while Donovan served in the U.S. Navy, moving to Alva, Oklahoma in 1963. After 47 years of marriage, Dorothy passed away in 2005. The Reichenbergers have been long time supporters of the scholarship program.

Maurine Reneau Scholarship
This scholarship was established in 1987 in honor of Maurine Reneau. Mrs. Reneau was a former Northwestern student pursuing a degree in Home Economics. She suspended her studies, however, upon the death of her mother in 1936. She maintained close ties to the university. Mrs. Reneau was a sustaining member of the Northwestern Foundation. Scholarship recipient must have at least a 2.5 GPA. Open to Nursing and Music majors.

Shirley Family Music Scholarship
Joe and Ann Shirley established the Shirley Family Music Scholarship at Northwestern Oklahoma State University in 2011. For Shirley, a 1970 English graduate of Northwestern, music was an escape. Born and raised in Alva, he fondly recalls his five years playing the French horn in the Northwestern band, marching, and adding pep at ball games. In addition to his university experience and the great strides the band has made in recent years, family ties motivated Shirley, whose family has a history at Northwestern. His wife got her master’s at the university, his brother received his bachelor’s and master’s, and his brother’s wife earned her master’s. His dad graduated from Northwestern, too. Providing an escape through music for today’s students is now Shirley’s ambition. He hopes the scholarship will go to students who enjoy playing their instrument but due to financial need might not be able to without assistance. Applicants must be participating in band to be eligible and have at least a 2.5 GPA.

Oscar Stover Scholarship
Oscar Stover served with distinction as a faculty member of Northwestern from 1960 until his retirement in 1976. In tribute to him, this scholarship was established with gifts from former students, faculty, and friends. The purpose of this scholarship is to provide worthy incentive and encouragement to a member or members of the Northwestern Ranger Band.

Dale and Duane Zeman Scholarship

Brothers Dale and Duane Zeman had a passion for education. With the influence of a large number of teachers in their family, both became teachers. Dale earned degrees from Northern Oklahoma College, University of Central Oklahoma and Oklahoma State University. Duane attended Northwestern and became involved with the Castle Players and Little Theater. Their family established this scholarship in 2018 to honor the legacy of Dale and Duane. This scholarship was created to assist a continuing student at Northwestern who is involved in band, theatre, or vocal.

Alton and Betty Zimmerman Vocal Scholar Award
The Zimmerman Vocal Scholar Award is presented annually to an outstanding incoming freshman who is planning to major in vocal music performance or vocal music education. The entire Zimmerman estate was willed to the Northwestern Foundation in 1998. Betty and Al moved to Alva in 1968 after 18 years of service. They were interested in Northwestern’s foreign student host family program and were named host family of the year in 1975. They were both very active in the community and Al served as choir director at Alva’s Sacred Heart Church for a number of years. Betty died at Alva, OK, in 1996 and Al in 1998. This award is renewable for up to four years. Applicants should have a minimum 2.5 GPA from high school and at least an ACT score of 19.


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